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Restaurant “Banguriani” is the place, which should be marked on your gastronomic map.

The goal of our restaurant is, to introduce a traditional Svan cuisine with the best side, exactly in the center of Mestia. In the restaurant you will find a cozy atmosphere, professional staff, local chefs who will cook dishes with using only eco-friendly, natural products.

Restaurant is distinguished with especially delicious dishes and their variety. With Svan cuisine, we will offer a popular European cuisine.

Restaurant of the hotel “Banguriani” is glassed with transparent glasses, so you are able to enjoy with panoramic views of Mestia with its culinary masterpieces. From all three sides you will see an ancient Svan towers, the Mestiachala River, and other sightseengs of nature and architecture that give a wonderful mystery to the city.

If you think, that tourist need a food guide please write this.

Recommendation of the hotel staff:

From Svan dishes the most famous and notable is Sulguni, Kubdari – roasted thinly chopped meat in bread dough, Sham - Corn cereal porridge with sliced Sulguni, Tashmjabi - shredded cheese and potato puree and other. In Svaneti edible greens pies are also popular, which should be baked in bread dough, like Khachapuri. Almost all Svan dishes are cooked with Svan salt. In our restaurant, you will be able to taste all dishes, cooked by the best, local chefs

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